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About : AMD Dairy

An FSSAI Prodcut of India. | Lic. No. 13319001000746

Old Delhi was earlier known as crowd and narrow streets but now over time Old Delhi known as good & tasteful foods & sweets. In these sweets of Old Delhi is the king of sweet is "Habshi Halwa Sohan". It is a mughlai kitchen dessert.

On Lal Kuan Road in Old Delhi, Opposite Hamdard Wellness Center at the corner of Gali Qasimjan. There is a shop called Ahmed Dairy (AMD Dairy). Is the proprietor of that shop name is Mr. Taqi Ahmed. AMD Dairy is a Registered & FSSAI License holder firm. Habshi Halwa does not belong to the people of Africa. Habshi Halwa means its deep colour & its strength. Habshi Halwa is a powerful dessert & the color is dark brownish. On this behalf it is called Habshi Halwa. This sweet, which looks like a round dome, has such a fragrance and beautiful taste that one who eats it must come again and again. Our shop is located in Ballimaran near Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi.

Formulation: The ingredients that are put in are like the recipe of Hakim (हकीम ), which keeps the body warm in winter and gives the body a feeling of strength along with heat. Due to demand, now it is ready to be even in summer. In it, ingredients are added according to the summer. This is probably the first dessert that gives strength with sweetness. It can be eaten by all family members.

AMD Dairy's proprietor Mr. Taqi Ahmed is going to introduce it in a new form as well, research is going on on this. That is Habshi Halwa Gold. Which will be prepared with herbs like white musli and akarkara. In today's tiring life, this formula will work like a life saver. Habshi Halve started in about 1950. Which goes from family to family now reached to Mr. Taqi Ahmed. Its formulas are still prepared by Mr. Tai Ahmed with his own hands. Its appearance can be copied, but no one else can create it. Habshi Halwa is cooked on a low flame by Pouring Milk, Desi Ghee, Samnak Wheat & Crush Dry Fruits in a large pan. It becomes deeply ruddy (brown) as it cooks. Then added kevda, zaffran & put in big pan & prepared in a round shape on cooling.

Features : This sweet is for all family members, if it is consumed warm milk after eating, then its strength increases. By the way, it has no expiry. However, after 15 days it starts to become lightly dry, then it can be eaten by heating it in a moderate heat or microwave. It gets fresh again by heating. One of its special things is that it is not kept in the refrigerator. All the days you have to use it, without keeping it in the refrigerator, keep it in the box in the normal temperature. This is a complete & safe product in today's adulteration phase & 100% veg and pure.

Frequently asked questions :

  • Do you accept bulk order?
    Yes, we do accept bulk order for party, corporate events and re-selling. The prices may vary according to your products and quantity of purchase.
  • Are your shop open through public holidays?
    Yes, we are open 365 days a year!
  • How can you guarantee I will receive fresh product in good condition?
    We only use freshly made products that have been carefully prepared and packaged. The contents of each order are then placed in box to ensure your sweets reach you in optimum condition.
  • Is your product 100% vegetarian
    Yes, our product is 100% vegetarian, we don't use any non-veg preservatives and no artificial flavours.