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About : AMD Dairy

An FSSAI Prodcut of India. | Lic. No. 13319001000746

Old Delhi was earlier known as crowd and narrow streets but now over time Old Delhi known as good & tasteful foods & sweets. In these sweets of Old Delhi is the king of sweet is "Habshi Halwa Sohan". It is a mughlai kitchen dessert.

On Lal Kuan Road in Old Delhi, Opposite Hamdard Wellness Center at the corner of Gali Qasimjan. There is a shop called Ahmed Dairy (AMD Dairy). Is the proprietor of that shop name is Mr. Taqi Ahmed. AMD Dairy is a Registered & FSSAI License holder firm. Habshi Halwa does not belong to the people of Africa. We made beset qualilty Habshi Halwa, Habshi Halwa Gold & Gheekwar Habshi Halwa. Our shop is very old Habshi Halwa Shop in Delhi, located in Qasim Jan Street near Chawri Bazar, Hauz Qazi Metro on Lal Kuan Bazar, Ballimaran, Chandni Chowk in Delhi.

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